Tips on Cleaning your Bedroom

Cleaning your bedroom can be quite an annoying chore, especially if you have to juggle between work and class or even taking care of your child if you have one. Let’s say that your room finally has its breaking point where you can’t even see any space in your bedroom, which means you have to clean it whether you want it or not. But do not worry, here we have listed several fun tips on how to clean your bedroom efficiently while also tricking yourself to make you feel like cleaning is not a hassle.

cleaningStart from the hardest task

We get it, cleaning is annoying, but the only way to make it easier is by starting from the most laborious task. But the hardest work is a very relative subject as most people have a different idea of cleaning their bedroom. With 17 platform beds to choose from, you can start by changing the bed sheets, or perhaps you can vacuum the floor first, nevertheless always begin with the hardest so that you’re left with the easiest parts.

Tip: use a lint roller to clean in your bedroom in case you have pets, and they sleep in your bedroom, this will help in getting to every crooks and cranny, and it’s not as hard as using a vacuum.

Get rid of distractionsfun

Turn off your phone or put it away somewhere, turn off your TV, and most of all put everything that can distract you away from your room. Having distractions can turn a 10-minute cleaning routine into a one hour as you procrastinate with your gadgets. Music is fine but no devices such as your phone or laptop, as it will only hinder your cleaning process.

Throw away your trashtrash can

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of junk inside your room, the simplest can go from a tissue and to food waste (if you eat in your bedroom), which can cause a foul odor while also becoming the perfect place for bacterias to grow. Make sure that you throw away every trash, as doing this simple task can make the difference in your room.

Look for cleaning tips on the internet

There are thousands of cleaning tips on the internet, for an example if you’re going to clean your window, use a sock and make sure that it is wet. You got yourself a scrubber as you can scrub the dust and grimes away from your window, which will save you a lot of time.…